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Suspense expired on handoff?

  • I'm getting a weird error, occasionally when executing scripts. Basically, I have a "maintenance" script that executes a number of other scripts to get stuff done on computer at night (disk clean-ups, defrags, virus scans, etc).

    I cannot see any correlation to any one part of the script, it just sort of happens every now and then. Sometimes when calling script #3, sometimes when calling #4, sometimes after 5 minutes, somtimes later ...

    Does anyone know what this error means? I can wrap my head around the "expired on handoff" part of it, but it's the "suspense" thing that I don't get ... Did the suspense expire? what does that mean? The script is no longer suspensfull? Or is it no longer suspended?

  • I get those too, would like to know what that error is for too

  • I have also experienced this, but noticed that even tough my script ended in Kaseya with that message, the actual process execution continued.