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Powershell Scripts as Admin

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Hi guys

I have a bunch of Powershell scripts which query WMI and will simply only run correctly when opening powershell as administrator and running the script manually.

Every vairation of "execute powershell" in procedures results in one type of failure or another, mostly access denied.

Is there any way to make kaseya run these ps1 files in a mode equilivant to "run as admin"?

Thanks in advance


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  • You'll need to setup your powershell statements to execute as user then make sure you are either using the 'impersonate user' step immediately preceding the steps, or input an admin account login/password under agent -> set credenial.

    By default we execute processes as the system account. The issue here is that the system account doesn't have the same WMI properties available to it as an interactive user account. You'll also run into problems like this trying to access network resources as the system account,  necessitating use of credentials.