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unknown command ID 460 / 422 agent procedures

  • Hi,

    somebody having the same issue with agent procedures failing with messages such as :

    Failed to create Then step, Unknown command id 460 / 422 ERROR = Invalid Message Identifier.....


  • Run a reapply schema and that will likely resolve the issue.

  • ok, this is caused by ?

    and what if it happens in the middle of the night ?

  • I've heard of it before - something during the reapply schema process caused a number of procedure steps to fail to load. Kaseya does not spontaneously initiate a reapply schema as it is a lengthy process, so kicking it off at night or during some sort of maintenance window is a suggested practice.

  • I've had a crappy day with Kaseya this AM. My users were not able to log in and got a blank screen. After we ended up reinstalling the VSA on the webserver, modules were missing. Now I'm having this error when running scripts. It seems to be when attempting to write the variables to a file.

    Kaseya unknown command id 422. error = invalid message identifier

    Since we did the reinstall, we did several get checks and reapply schemas and reboots. Any other suggestions to resolve this other than to reapply?

  • What version of VSA is this? Have you opened a ticket?

  • Yes. I've not heard anything yet.


    First ticket was 70559 where all my techs were down for about 3 hours. I was told to open a new one for this even though it seems related to the work we performed this AM.

    Current ticket for this is 70641


  • And 18 hours later I get a response that the ticket has finallyl been assigned. Not really quick support for a P2.

  • You think that's bad....I have a P0 open for 13 days and counting.