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  • I want to be able to run and install many different file types with Kaseya.

    The files I want to be able to run are:



    I need to write the .app file for example the 10.9 mac upgrade to applications and then run the .app file to install the os upgrade.

    Any help would be great.

  • You're in luck with any .App. It just needs to be copied to the /Applications folder.

    I have never used or seen any .command, but based on a quick Google search it is just a shell script file. You could probably just open it with a text editor and replicate the commands in your procedure into individual shell commands, or write the file then run it directly with the shell command step.

  • So to install the .app file what Kaseya command do I need to run?

  • You just need to copy it or move it to /Applications with the terminal in OS X. In OS X this is cp and mv, respectively.

    If you're not familiar with how to do this manually you definitely don't want to be attempting it in Kaseya.

  • Yes I know how to do that but is there a kaseya command like install .pkg for .app.

  • No, there is no command for copying a .app folder to /Applications.

  • So to be able to read a mac .pkg or .dmg or .app file without coping it to the server can I do a excite-file-in-directory-path and then do a install .pgk or install .dmg command. There seems to be a limit on the size of file that I can upload. Or is there a different command that can read a file from and server and install it without coping to the local machine.

  • If I understand what you are asking for, that isn't technologically possible.

    You have to store the installer on the target system with a write file or get url command, then execute the step to install it (cp to /Applications for .app, InstallPKG for .pkg ,etc).

  • I think you are confusing a .app file with a .pkg file.  The .app file is a directory that contains the application within it.  When you double click the .app file it runs that self-contained unix/mac application.  A .pkg file contains files that will "install" across different directories on your mac.

    If you are trying to install an Application and you have the .app of that application, then what is saying is correct in that you have to move that file from your source location to the destination machine's /Applications folder.

    If you are trying to install a PKG file than you will still need to move that file to the destination machine, but you will need to run an agent procedure with the "InstallPKG" command once the file has copied over.

    Take a look at this post and it will explain more: community.kaseya.com/.../17608.aspx

  • Is there a way to check Mac OS version like the get OS command for windows with agent procedures.

  • Anything you can do within a terminal you can execute via Agent Procedure.

    I would trial and error first on the terminal and then just port over the commands you wish to execute.