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Install Google Chrome Procedure

  • Procedure Install Google Chrome.xml

    As I am sure you all are also getting a ton of questions with the IE 0 Day vulnerability, I wrote a quick script to download and install google chrome to workstations..

    File is attached to post
    Script is also here: https://community.kaseya.com/members/pborginis/files/procedure-install-google-chrome.xml.aspx

    Let me know of any issues / improvements so I can post..

    Hope it helps!

  • Great work Paul ,

    All Tech Net suggest to deploy EMET to avoid this

    "Using EMET may break the exploit in your environment and prevent it from successfully controlling your computer.EMET versions 4.1 and 5.0 break (and/or detect) the exploit in our tests.

    Enhanced Protected Mode in IE breaks the exploit in our tests. EPM was introduced in IE10.

    Additionally, the attack will not work without Adobe Flash. Disabling the Flash plug-in within IE will prevent the exploit from functioning."

    It’s possible add some scripts to deploy EMET or Deploy new build of Adobe


  • Enhanced Protection Mode is also a option - but I just don't trust IE.  The EPM also only works on 10 and 11, which leaves out people who need 9 for legacy applications..  XP machines prob. wont see the fix at all - so chrome seems like the best choice at this point..  

    I've been using the script all day so far ( knock on wood ) without any failures...

  • You can use ninite for this plus a bunch of other programs. https://ninite.com/

    Just create the installer and then create a application deployment procedure. Kaseya used to do it this way, don't know why they stopped.

  • Kaseya still using ninite for KSDU ... only ninite pro versions provide you use silent switches to use ninite  in Kaseya agent procedure

  • Correct gopinath - we use the Ninite engine in KSDU to provide a fully managed and automated third party application updating experience.

    I used to create and share scripts for updating third party apps but if keeping them up to date is important to you, the module is the way to go. Pricing was changed on it recently so be sure you check it out.

  • Patch is out now - so guess it doesn't matter..   I have KDSU also but have had issues in the past so this was the most direct way to do this - since I have not had the chance to re-test since all the patch updates..