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Procedure or Script for Patch Scan and Initial Windows Update

  • Hi

    I am new to all this but does anyone know how to call on a Procedure to Patch Scan and then immediately initiate patch update

    Have been trying with Policies but this is all scheduled, I rather be able to call on scan and update and then let the policies take over

    I have seen various ppl asking for this but have not seen a solution, if anyone can help would appreciate it



  • WUA Auto Patch Prescan always run after patch update no need to run manually ..you can see that in agent script logs .

    try this

    Procedure USP - System Patch PreScan.txt

  • Thanks I'll try this out

    Let you know if this is what I was after

  • Thanks Gopinath, the pre scan worked perfectly, works for me to scan and show the windows patching need doing, now just need a procedure or script to run the Windows Update so it can install the updates from patch policy

  • Try this ..still am not tested that so test this some lab machines

    attached script folder contain all patch related scripts 

    Procedure Folder Patch-System Script.txt

  • Thanks really appreciate it, will try it out and let you know the outcome

  • HI Gopinath

    Tried the scripts you sent second time was excited till it failed

  • USP - System Process Auto_Init Patch Updates.png

    Hi Gopinath

    Was really excited till the procedure failed - Its seems that the update procedure is waiting for another to kick off see attachment

    Unsure what it is but its almost there, can you please help


  • i will try fix ... screen shot attached is correct  you can't see exact steps of script when editing .

    edit script using notepad then able to see steps

  • Hi Gopinath

    Have you had any luck