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Scheduling reboots for later dates - Tips?

  • The last few times I have scheduled a reboot of a server or workstation using the canned Agent Procedures for rebooting endpoints, I have tried many different ways to schedule them, weekly, monthly, once, etc. All at future times, ending on the day after the reboot, etc. But no matter what, it always seems to run the Agent Procedure reboot RIGHT THEN, no matter what dates or times I pick. For example, I needed to reboot a server between 3-6am this coming Friday, so I opened up the Agent Procedures module, selected the reboot process, told it to happen weekly, on Fridays, at 3:30am, ending on the Saturday after this Friday, May 1st. As soon as I hit schedule, the process ran and rebooted the machine. If this is a bug or something I am doing, I would like to know because rebooting servers in the middle of the day is usually a bad thing :)

  • Hi Justin,

    it works fine over here!

    i don't want to kick in any open doors but are you sure you pick "next friday" as the date to start on?

  • If you schedule reoccurring scripts make sure to set the start date, if the start date is today but scheduled day is in the future it will run the script now and again on the next scheduled run date.

  • If the start date is in the past, it will run immediately.

  • Justin, that really sucks! I think your issue is your range. I'd recommend using 0 (zero) for your distribution window. There's a lot of weirdness in the scheduling that isn't documented. I've been told from Ksupport that the scheduler for Patching is different from Procedures. And in the UI for the scheduling the distribution window and exclude time ranges make a big difference on how it reacts. My suggestion..... set it to run on your date, make sure start/end is set for that date as well, and set your distribution window to zero. Don't trust the back end FM (F**** Magic) in K2. I was at the road show for Kaseya and several IT shops I spoke with (including Enterprise) told me they don't use the scheduler in K2 at all b/c they don't trust it.

    I do notice that the scripts/procedures when scheduled have a 20 min window to run within the time you set. so if you tell it to do something at 8pm, it may not really start till 8:20pm. I'm not sure if anyone else is seeing that but there you go.

    Best to you

  • Depending on the version of Kaseya you are running you may simply be clicking the "Run Now" button instead of the Schedule button.

    The first time I did this I set the schedules to what I want and when it came time to submit - simply hit the wrong button (as it is the most obvious).

  • Yes there are issues with distribution windows, it generally won't start until the end of the distribution window. Also I've had issues with selecting the time from the actual ComboBox, try typing in the times when you are scheduling, that has worked for me in the past! :)