Hello all,

We are running Kaseya SaaS and are due to have the VSA upgraded to 6.5 this weekend. I have developed a few low-level Lua scripts that I would like to begin testing next week, but the documentation is confusing as answers on scripting (and particular Lua scripts) seem to contradict each other depending on whether the answer relates to KNM, On-prem VSA or SaaS VSA...

Rather than keep struggling I figure it is better to ask: How can I deploy Lua scripts to my agents directly? I read that tighter integration between VSA and KNM insofar as Lua is concerned has been ongoing since version 4.0, but I am new to Kaseya in general so I am not sure how far that has come along.

TL;DR: I have Lua scripts built and ready to test, but I am confused as to how I can deploy them in SaaS and integrate them into or replace my Agent Procedures.

Thanks in advance,