I just began working for a company that uses Kaseya and I am trying to get familiar with the Software Deployment part of the software.  I've been put in charge of creating a profile that will deploy/update Java, Flash, and Reader for all the client machines we serve.  I have gotten this taken care of for the most part, but realized the applications won't install when there are instances of it already running on their machines.  I've tried to create a procedure that will run before the weekly software deployment/update to kill "iexplore.exe", "reader.exe", and "AcroRd32.exe".  The instances of Reader shutdown correctly on my test machine, but the open iexplores remain open although the webpages of those processes go from normal webpages to as if they couldn't find the webpage.

Can anyone help me figure out why it does this instead of closing the application or how to go about closing it. 

I just have 3 simple closeapplication statements in the procedure for now.


Edit: I believe I figured it out by using by using a shell command containing this : "taskkill /F /IM iexplore.exe"
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