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empty numeric field ?

  • What is the best day to check empty numeric field or not ?

    forexample agentonline should be the date agent went online, however the first time it's empty and should have the value

    date - 1 ? do uou have an example script ?


  • Sorry, but I think no one understand what your are trying to do or to ask

    can you tell us what are you looking for ?

  • Hi Etienne

    support replied in meantime that you cannot query for a custom field when this has not be initialized or provisioned with an initial value.


  • What are you hoping to achieve by checking this value?

  • In your example, you could just create a view for agents that have never checked in. If you are trying to check for blank values in a specific field, then the answer is two double quotes like this: ""

    So from an agent procedure, if you wish to check for blank value, then we can use the "CheckVar" step with CONTAINS "" <--- that is two double quotes with nothing in between

    Not sure if this helps or not because, like the others, I am not 100% sure what you're asking yet.

  • Oh and custom values can be referenced in an agent procedure like this: #vSystemInfoManual.<customField>#

    The field name can NOT have spaces.

  • if you're doing direct SQL queries, use something like ISNULL() to convert "empty" fields to zero.