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Procedures De-nesting themselves

  • Anyone experience an issue where a procedure, when saved, de-nests and loses all your else statements?  I'm literally sick to my stomach because of all the work I've lost on a procedure I've been testing/perfecting today.  It looks as if someone deliberately miffed my procedure, that's how bad it is.

    I'm contemplating rebuilding, but if this happens again... don't want to even think about it.

  • What version of Kaseya are you using ?

    This WAS an early issue in 6.3 , but  has been hotfixed etc , so as long as you're uptodate with patches/hotfixes it should exist any longer


  • I found that this can happen when you collapse if statements and either move or copy them or paste/move something directly below a collapsed IF or Else.

    If you do want to collapse an IF or Else to minimize what you see and move a line or a block of lines, move it below the comment or if you need to paste select the comment line before you use the paste feature.

    I found that putting a comment line in before you do this will save you a lot of time and if you do spot it happening use the undo button and you will get your work back.

    The other time I had a similar issue was while working on a procedure for several hours while using the browser to do other stuff, once I saved closed the procedure and tried it again it had parts missing. I found saving the procedure each time I make a major change to it so that I don't lose parts gets around this issue.

    I'm still conflicted on if the enhancements they made to the script editor is worth living with the glitches or not, I do know however that none of my colleagues want to touch it as it looks to different and complex for them.  

  • I've kept up on regular updates.  Never had this issue until very recently.

  • HardKnoX, that sounds very similar to what I was doing.  Collapsing some sections so I could copy others between OSx32 and OSx64 if statements.  Strange thing is, I had it completely expanded for review and I always save, save, save.

    I think going forward I'll break the script into three parts.  One for detecting the OS bit version, and it'll simply call the one it needs based on the result.

    Appreciate the advice though