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How can I execute a KAV update and then a full KAV scan through agent procedures

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I was wondering if anyone knows a way to execute an update of KAV and then a full scan through an agent procedure. 

I would love to see a KAV detection trigger a full scan.

Thanks in advance.

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  • I don't have a machine with KAV on it right now.  In concept what you would do is run the update and the scan from within KAV.  Then go to procedure history for the machine that you ran these on.  If you hover your mouse to the right of the procedure name, the first one on the list from bottom up for KAV, it will give you the system procedure number.  

    You then need to create an agent procedure that will execute those system procedures.  

    In order to do that you need to create a procedure that executes any other procedure.  (The system does not let you execute a system script)  Yo will want to select something that is non invasive.  Get the procedure number of the new procedure you created in the same method I mentioned above.

    You then need to go to your SQL server look or the new script id within the scriptthenelse table.  Usually the column tefuncparam2 hold the data you need to change.  When you find that script id in the table, check that it is trying to run the non invasive script you originally created it with.  Then update it with the original system script you obtained.  

    You need to do this twice.  Once for the update and once or the scan.