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Is it possible to run a command on the VSA?

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I am trying to make scripts give feedback to the process they originated from.

Since I cannot do this directly from Kaseya, I would like to make an executable that posts some HTTP-request containing the ProcedureID and the status (Self defined string)

However, executing this from the Agent won't work (firewall)

And scheduling it as an procedure on our VSA is probably too slow.

Any ideas if this is possible at all?

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  • If it was me i would use the SQLnonQuerys in the Agent procedure to write back to the SQL DB. Would that help

  • Thanks for your suggestion.

    However: The database the data needs to go to, is a MariaDB Database, while Kaseya's read/writeSQL()-methods only seem to connect to the Kaseya (MSSQL) Database. Is this true or am I overlooking an option to write to external databases?

    Otherwise, it would be require even more complexity that we are already implementing.

    Kind regards