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powershell script return only "Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved" - that is all

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we collect alot of information from our endpoints using powershell. For the most part a PS1 file is sent to the endpoint, a result generated to #global:psresult and a single piece of information returned to the VSA and stored in a custom field. This has been working well.

However, we have suddenly had mass failures in this area, on every single endpoint. All endpoints return:
Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This is all that is returned on every query.

I suspect a reboot of the endpoint fixes this but this is not practical with several hundred servers affected.  Running the script locally is fine, results returned are normal.

What could cause this, and what can we do?  Anyone experienced this before?

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  • If what you say is true -- you had agent procedures leveraging Execute Powershell steps that are now suddenly not working -- please create a ticket and note that it should be assigned to Ben right away.

    I do not think a reboot will fix this.

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  • thanks.

    i had logged a tickets anyway but wondered if anyone else had seen this.  Im not sure of the exact cause but i had made a change to a script that used universal variables.  This script was holding powershell.exe open forever and all other scripts failed as a result.  I wrote another script to kill powershell.exe and all returned to normal, until the offending script was run again.

    I took out universal variables.  all is well again.  no more problems.

  • Yours answers help me a lot.Because i encountered the same question with you.Thanks a lot