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Using WOL

  • In the task scheduler, there is an option to use WOL or vPro to wake a machine before running the task, e.g. automatic patching. Can anyone describe or point to a post, KB, help, anything that explains the WOL side of this option? Somewhere we must set up which machine is to be the source of the WOL requests.


  • Hi Regisit

    In K2 WOL is, sort of, builtinto the product. So you dont need to specify anywhere which machine is going to be used to issue the WOL command. K2 works out the most appropriate system to use as the WOL 'server' and then uses that for the script, it might use a different system next time round.

    All you need to do is to make sure that your 'target' system is WOL enabled, in K5.1 there was a WOL procedure that you could use to wake machines up, so that is a good test to run manually to make sure that the targets are correctly configured for WOL.  

  • In case K itself searches for a machine which can send the WOL command, how does it look for it?

    anybody experience with the feature?

  • I believe it just looks for another machine on the same subnet as your target machine you're trying to wake up.

  • That is indeed correct

  • Yes, it is. The process is something like

    1) Machine needs waking up, what subnet and what gateway was it behind?

    2) Find online agent behind same gateway in same subnet (i.e., must be same LAN)

    3) Execute WOL packet from online machine specifying MAC of agent requiring waking

    Done :)