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Office 365 2013 C2R Automation

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Hi All,

Just wondering whether anyone has worked out a method to deploy Office2013 365 leveraging the Click-To-Run technologies employed by Microsoft in this version.

I have 150+ remote sites that require upgrading from 2010 to 2013, and was hoping to be able to automate the procedure, rather than logging in to each remote site, then logging in to the 365 download page and downloading the C2R exe.

Look forward to your responses!



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  • Did you ever work this out Nash? I am trying to work this out now.

  • Is each instance of the C2R.exe specific per "log in"?

  • Here's a solution, but not a very easy one:


    Oh and he recommends removing any prior version of Office first:


  • No, we have been sending CD's out to each site as required and manually installing

  • I've used this quick and dry agent procedure to install. One locally for 1-2 machines and one to deploy via the network via a managed variable...Procedure Folder Office365 Pro Plus.xml

  • Does the job for the installation at least! I can't see it anywhere in the script - Aren't there more installation files required? or does 365 only require the setup.exe then it heads off and downloads the install files itself?

  • The office365 install only requires two files the setup.exe and the xml file that contains the configuration information. Once you call the setup with the xml file it will download the necessary files.

    One thing to note, the machine hosted the setup files must be a supported platform for office 365 (no server 2003 or windows xp).

  • I was not aware of this! Perfect - Time to start playing!