many times in troubleshooting, a PC needs to be booted to a CD/USB and run certain functions outside of windows.
I know it is possible to create a boot partition on the HD and then from windows issue a command to boot into that partition (as i've seen some systems management programs do this). is it possible for us to create this in kaseya so that:
1. script runs once and creates the boot partition
2. we can remotely update that partition with a bunch of utilities/apps
3. remotely, we can issue command to boot into that partition either at a root menu level (pick what app you want) or boot into it and run a certain app, completely unattended

i know this is a big request but if we can make it work it can be amazing for situations like virus outbreaks. can even be great for booting and re-deploying image (but would require a partition large enough to hold an image).

Has anyone attempted this or know where i can start?