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Notify/alert when machine has not been rebooted in X days or when reboot needed

  • Hi,

    Alot of our helpdesk tickets we recieve is from customers experiencing issues in Windows caused by services or processes that hangs or acts weird.

    In almost 99% of the cases a proper reboot resolves the issue. We see a lot of customers not having the habit of rebooting from time to time. This should be a  well known fact that one should always make sure to reboot their machine from time to time.

    What I'm looking for is a way to automate a notification sent to our customers that says "it might be a good time to reboot your machine" based on the following criterias.

    1. Machine has not been rebooted in X amount of days.

    2. Machine is flagged for that a reboot is required (reboot pending)

    Does anyone have any good ideas for how to manage this with the use of agent procedures or monitoring?

    Any other technical approaches used by others to achieve this?

  • There are several ways to do this.

    1) You could do it via monitoring

    2) Scheduled Agent procedure check

    3) View filters and Policy Management Policies

    The last is possibly the easiest as the view filters already has the ability to check for reboot pending and has not reboot in x days. You would have to make two separate one views to check for both options separately.

  • First of all thank you for your reply. It all became really easy when i got reminded of using policy manager ofc for this.

    So I solved issue 1 with using a filter for not rebooted in X amount of days. Then using policy manager to run a procedure on matching workstations.

    Still working on issue 2, Since I only want to show computers that has had reboot pending for a period of time. Since all computers get reboot pending after patches we dont want this reminder to pop up for the users that usually reboots their computers 2-3 hours after patches beeing installed.

    This reminder was thought out to be for those not rebooting for days after patches had been installed.