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Adding alert info to a script generated email

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I am writing a script that will auto-fire off an alert if CPU usage is above 85% for a certain amount of time. The script will create a list of running processes and their CPUtime/Memory usage.

What I'd like to do is have both the ALERT info, AND and results of the script emailed as one ticket into ConnectWise rather than having to create the ticket via one email, and then send a second email from the script.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks! :-)

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  • Variables from the monitor set will pass to the script so have the monitor set run a script when the threshold is met and in that script use the send email command.  So something like this.

    1. Monitor set created to kick off script when threshold met.

    2. Script executes command and exports to file.

    3. Get file info and store to variable.

    4. Send Email

    5. Use variables within email body to list information you want.

    Monitor Set Variables:

    Data Keys Description

    <ad> Alarm duration

    <ao> Alarm operator

    <av> Alarm threshold

    <dv> SNMP device name

    <ln> Monitoring log object name

    <lo> Monitoring log object type (Counter, Process, Service)

    <lv> Monitoring log value

    <mn> Monitor set name

  • Fantastic! I'm trying this now :-)

    Do people still say "Fantastic"???