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Finding Agents with "Active" Lotus Notes installs?

  • So, prior to me stating at my current place of employment, the prior tech installed Lotus Notes 6.5 into each of their images, so we have hundreds of PCs with LN installed but not setup. I've been trying to come up with a way to weed out which ones are setup and which ones are not. Each LN client has a "*.ID" file when they have been setup, so one idea was to check c:\program files\lotus\notes\data for any files with a ".ID" extension ) the file name is typically the user's name, so its always different.

    I haven't had much success using a wildcards with Kaseya, below is the first script I tried (which just fails in step 1)

    So I changed things a bit

    And this time it worked! (of course "Else" indicates the file doesn't exist)

    So of course it's a false positive... 

    Help? (BTW, to Kaseya's Forum Admins, the ability to just paste Pictures into a post, vs having to save them and "adding" them after, would make posts like this WAY easier)

  • You could try another approach with a simple

    Execute Shell Command - Get results to variable

    dir %localappdata%\lotus\Notes\Data\*.id

    Then have an IF to see if there where any lines with id in it.

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  • Sorry didn't see that you used another searchpath.

    Please use %PROGRAMFILES% instead of %LOCALAPPDATA%

  • So for some reason If I tried to go beyond c:\program files the command will fail (not really sure why, and I tested it many ways, it may be a permission thing but I switched tactics and ended up getting my script working without finding out why)

    So here's what I did, I used the /s command to cover all the sub folders (I realized part way through that we sometimes have more than one data folder)

    Thank you for the help!