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cscript problem on windows 7 64 bit

  • Hi,

    I'm having a problem with a vbs script that runs on windows7 32bit with no problem, however when submitting it

    on a 64bit machine, in taskmanager I can see the cscript.exe but nothing happening.

    Is there anything special to be done for 64bit machines !!

    execute shell command : cscript.exe /nologo xxxx.vbs


  • We need to see the VBS in order to help you fully. But if I had to guess, your output file is being redirected to "C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64" or "C:\Program Files (x86)" or "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node"

    You have to remember... the agent itself is a 32-bit application and it will be redirected by Windows in certain scenarios. There are numerous workarounds for this like running cscript from here instead: C:\WINDOWS\Sysnative\cscript.exe. But like I said above, we would need to see exactly what you're trying to do first.

    More info on redirection: msdn.microsoft.com/.../aa384249(v=vs.85).aspx


  • rdk,

    what happens when you run it locally on the 64 bit computer? it may be your vbscript causing the issue. i've run cscript on both 64 and 32 bit machines with the same "Execute shell command" portion of the agent procedures and have had good success. It would be interesting if there's an issue in 64 bit os working with the agent excution of a vbs file.

  • SMason,

    i would have to agree with you on the agent running in 32 env mode but I've been able to execute vbs files easily with no check or change in the procedure. I would have to guess that the Kaseya agent is smart enough to run it in the approiate location (or I've been really lucky).

  • All of this is expected behavior for the x64 architecture and isn't necessarily any wrongdoing on Kaseya's part.