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MAC Maintenance Scripts

  • Kaseya posted some MAC maintenance scripts in the System folder. I dont know that much about mac scripting. Are these harmless to run on a regular basis? Will it affect the end user while running?

    What the script does is:

    1. Remove user cached files
    2. Remove system Caches
    3. Rebuilds Dyld cache (helps spinning wheel issues)
    4. Verifies Disk
    5. Repairs Disk
    6. Repairs Disk Permissions on OS Volume
  • Hello Elliot,

    If you haven't already received any answers to this question, I think I can help out.  What types of issues were you hoping to correct?

    These scripts are great, but don't really need to be run that often unless users begin to complain about slow speeds, spinning wheel, or disk issues.  Even then, those issues might be related to other problems like not enough RAM, slow hard drive rpm speeds (5400 rpm), and failing disks.  For most Mac maintenance, I would just suggest that you provide users with information on how to uninstall applications and to have no web browser tool bars.

  • Yes we're looking to resolve some slowness issues but i'd like to have maintenance running on regular basis even if they're not complaining. Always better to be proactive about these issues...

    Just wondering if any harm can come of these scripts. If not then why not run them regularly.

  • Abraham,

    If this maintenance script ran while user was actively working would it effect them?

  • Hello Elliot,

    Sorry to bring this forum page back from the dead, but this will effect users.  When you remove the cache files used by the system to load commonly used files/folders/apps quicker, it will take much longer for that data to load again.  Running disk verification during user activity will run for about 5 minutes, but it would only affect a user during that time.