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Using Ninite Pro to install updates only across many small LANs and/or on-the-road notebooks

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We manage quite a few small LANs, not all of which have a dedicated server. Also, we have some users who's notebooks almost never touch their LAN, they are always on the road. So to create a Ninite LAN cache isn't the most practical. What I'd like to accomplish is an Agent Procedure which downloads the NiniteOne.exe from our system server to the local PC, then runs a silent /updatesonly locally.

While that seems simple when I write it out, my brain just cannot get into how to script that in Kaseya. If you have a script that does this or something similar, or if you have solved this same challenge another way, could you share your approach?

- Greg

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  • try deploying the niniteone.exe using the policies to the temp folder.

    once the file is already on every workstation, that makes the script easier to write.