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Install KES or KAM from agent procedure?

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i was dissappointed that i wasn't able to push out KES or KAM using the new kaseya policies, so i'm wondering if there's a way anyone has figured out to do it through agent procedures.  check for file, if does not exist, then install... that sorta thing

we asked kaseya support,but they always say 'no' to any question i ask them.  if i push back, they'll almost always come back with a way of doing what i'm looking for.  Kaseya support is certainly the weak link in the chain.  anyway, anyone figured out a way to push out KAM or KES through agent procedures in Kaseya 6.3?

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  • I remember somebody from Kaseya mentioning automated installs weren't supported due to licensing concerns. I don't like that excuse though. Prior to upgrading to KES 2.3, I had recreated the system script for AVG installs. Obviously, that broke when we upgraded and I haven't bothered to do it again. We are looking at other solutions for AV now. The Kaseya development cycle perpetually lets us down.

  • i can see the bloody .exe installer file on the kaseya server, so you'd think i'd be able to script out the install, verify the install, assign a profile and bob's your uncle, right?