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Use other Machine.GroupID in a procedure.

  • I have the following situation.

    I created a procedure that copies a file, than zips it.

    This is happening on 20 machines, no i want to copy this zip file to a another machine out of the goup where the files are copied..

    How can i create the variable to copy the created zip to the designated machine.

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  • Use the Transfer File procedure step

  • Thanks Alistair, i overlooked it ;-)

    The transfer procedure works.

    I copied the zip files and the txt file with the filesize to the target machine.

    Now i want to test the filesize of the source zip with the target zip, and i get get it work.

    The procedure runs on 20 workstations wich copies the database to a directory, then i zip it, with a getvar i get the filesize, in the next step i create a text file with the content of the getvar.

    Now i transfer the zip file and the txt file to the destination agent.

    From this point i lost it ;-(

    I want to test only the filesize on the destination agent and compare it with the txt file i transferred to compare if the transfer was succesfull.

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