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Silent removal of all AV

  • Hey guys,

    I know this is a subject that has been raised multiple times - so please forgive me, but I haven't been able to find a consistent solution.

    We have several thousand workstations in Kaseya all with various breeds of AV (AVG, Trend, Kaspersky, McAffee, Symantec, etc - all different versions) and we are wanting to roll out Kaseya's Kaspersky across all.
    After calculating how long it will take to manually connect into each workstation and remove, we are looking at months!

    I have looked at tools like 'AppRemover' that can do this, but cannot find a viable script to use this.

    Is there a simple way of being able to do what I want to do?


  • The first place to start before going down this road is to look at if the companies you are managing and see if they have a Remote Administrator Console for the installed AV products.

    If they have use that to uninstall their AV instead of use a 3rd party tool that may or may not properly uninstall the AV client.

  • Unfortunately all these clients have been set up without Remote Admin. Our only option is to do this manually or (hopefully) automate using Kaseya.

    But thanks for the reply :)

  • If you search this forum you will find a couple of examples of AV uninstall.

    We don't have as many clients as you do but I have used the simple msiexc /u to uninstall. This can be used for uninstalling alot of different AV. If you make a script with checks for each installed application you can have just one big script that you can apply to all your customers.

  • I dont use KAVbut doesnt the new KAV come with a universal uninstaller?

  • Johan - Thanks for the reply. I am currently looking into a similar option as well. From the research I've done, a lot of AV won't silently uninstall just by using msiexec /u

    Elliot - It does, however it is quite limited in what it can remove. I have tested it on a couple examples of McAfee and Trend Micro and it failed pretty quickly.

  • Does anyone else have any thoughts to add?

  • Script up all the AV companies auto-uninstallers to run silently on your endpoints. kb.eset.com/.../index for a great list of tools.

  • Craig,

    Any tips for scripting these tools to run silently?

  • To script 'Appremover' you will need to buy the SDK, it includes a command-line executable.