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IF Statement Computer on

  • Is there a IF statement to check if a computer is on? We run Monthly maintenance on the machines. At the end it requires a reboot. Is there a way to cancel the reboot say in pending procedures instead o manually going to like every machine and cancelling a pending procedure, so If those machines turn on they will do maintenance and reboot. We do not want this happening to users in the middle of the day.


  • You have two options that I can think of here, you can use the inbuilt schedule options to skip if the machine is offline and/or use the exclude time range but this option will also skip the maintenance task if the reboot action is part of the maintenance script.

    You could also improve your reboot procedures to include a check if the machine is in use or for specific time and date ranges the latter is more difficult to do, I have posted some information on how you can use WMI time and date values in Kaseya that might help you;


  • In your procedure, you can add a conditional step for "User Activity Check" to see if anyone is logged in before rebooting.

    Or reschedule the procedure with the "Skip if offline" option checked. Of course, the downside to that is maintenance will never happen if the computer is off all the time.