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Monitor unmounted logical disks

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At one of our customers we have the problem that one of the logical drives (drive E in our situation) unmounts itself.

We have diskspace monitoring on this drive but when it unmounts, it just stops monitoring and doesn't generate an alarm.

Does anyone have a solution to check the presence of a logical drive and generate an alarm if its unmount?

I found different scripts to show the logical drives. Via vbscript of WMIC but no solution to generate an alarm if its not present.

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  • Brzzl, did you ever find a solution to this issue?  We need to monitor the same sort of thing where the server HAD drives A, B, and C, but then no longer has A.  Whether it be USB unplugged, drive failed, dismount, etc.

  • We created a textfile on the disk we want to monitor, in our case E:\DriveCheck.txt and executing an Agent Procedure every 15 minutes which is checking for this file.

    If the file doesn't exists we raise an alarm

    I think this is not the most effective solution but it works.

  • Thanks Brzzl, that will help for specific cases in the meantime.  Unfortunately not practical for monitoring drives on 500+ servers.  Digging through the forums did not turn up much either.  I imagine there's got to be a way though!

  • We are waiting for a good solution to.

  • Hi,

    Are any event logs created at the time the logical disk is unmounted?

    If so, a event log alert can be created for this specific event.

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  • Unfortunately at this time it looks like that workaround is the only way. Perfmon counters will not alert you if it stops collecting data and there are no event log entries for this type of event either.