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6.3 Procedure Editor - Cannot Copy or Paste

  • I cannot copy and paste in the new 6.3 procedure editor. Is this by-design? Surely it cannot be, but I just want to make sure.


  • Copy/Paste works fine for me.

    Which browser and which Flash version are you using? I have had some problems with IE10 and the Procedure editor. Using Chrome and the normal Adobe Flash addon works great for me.

  • This is using Chrome 24.0.1312.56 m and Flash

  • I'm using SRWare Iron (so Chrome without the Google dial home options) Version 24.0.1350.0 (176001) and Flash 11.5.502.146.

  • Update: I should state that I can paste something from an external application (like Explorer) into the Procedure Editor, but I cannot copy and paste WITHIN the procedure editor. In other words, if I have a complex folder path, I don't want to re-type it - I want to copy it from one line to another - this is not working.

    EDIT: So to clarify, it appears that copying FROM the procedure editor is what is not working in 6.3

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  • I Have a ticket logged with Kaseya re this

    There response is :

    "... Our development team found that the version of Flash player that is integrated with Chrome 24 prevents copy and paste from functioning. This issue is resolved in Chrome 25 which has as ETA release date of 4 weeks from today. Possible workarounds in the mean time are use another browser, use Chrome 25 beta, or possibly disable the built in version of flash and install the latest version directly from Adobe. Sorry for any inconvenience....."

    Grrrrr !!!....


  • Just installed Chrome Version 25.0.1364.45 beta-m  and cut and paste works

    Also works with Chrome V22 ( Just make sure you disable Chrome Auto Updates otherwise you'll end up on V24 again )


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  • I have also confirmed that Chrome Beta v25 allows you to copy and paste.

  • Hi all,

    Copying and pasting works in the same procedure,  but copying from one procedure to another in the editor seems not to work.

    Or do I miss something ?

  • I just tested in Chrome Version 28 (beta-m), and I can indeed copy from procedure to procedure, as well as within a procedure.

    *Also, Google's decision to update a full version number every 2 months is ridiculous. At this rate they'll be on Chrome Version 100 by 2015. If I don't even notice a single change in your application, it should be an incremental version number update.

  • Hi Matts,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Still the same issue with Google 'Canary'  ;)

    Anyone other ideas ??

  • What version of Flash are you using? helpx.adobe.com/.../find-version-flash-player.html

    Mine is 11.8.800.97

  • Capture.JPG

    mine too

  • Untitled.png

    Just a thought.. How are you opening the 2 scripts to copy between as there are 2 different ways to open scripts and 1 allows copy/paste the other doesn't.

    I.e. From the Agent Procedure Menu you can select one script and click Edit Procedure , then from the menu tree again click on anther script and edit. This will open a new browser tab for each procedure.

    This does NOT allow cut/paste

    But if you open the first script to edit and then from within the actual script editor select the OPEN option from the script menu and open your second srcipt you can cut/paste

    In the image attahed the top shows 2 scripts in 2 browser tabs.

    The lower part of the image shows the Open option from within the Script editor

    I'm using Chrome 26 and it works fime for me