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SQL commands in Kaseya Procedures (msg+++SQLCMD)

  • Thanks Mark

    Will we be able to pass variables to the SQL script via the label

    i.e The current method of using +++SQLCMD allows us to pass variables to it from the Agent procedure , so will we be able to replicate that functionality and pass 2 or more variables to the SQL contained in the XML file and have the result returned to the running procedure


  • Paul,

    The SQL string you approve gets executed in the script engine exactly as you type in and approve. So if you SQL string contains a script variable, then it gets used. It is exactly the same as +++sqlcmd:


  • The 6.3 upgrade has introduced the new method of executing SQL Commands

    The change affects Service Desk Procedures .. but I cannot see any change to the Agent Procedure list of commands

    You will need to add xml files into the following folders



    Example syntax for the files is :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


       <queryDef label="MySQLCommand" sql="SELECT machName FROM dbo.machNameTab WHERE agentGuid = '123456789' " />


    I'd suggest creating the files BEFORE you upgrade

    See help.kaseya.com/.../index.htm  for more detail

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  • The SQLRead and SQLWrite commands are now implemented in Agent Procedures .. and it looks like any workaround you had been using for the  +++SQLCMD may now also have stopped working

  • This works until I make  a second file containing SQL in the folder.

    I am not clear on this part, documentation and this conversation sounds like I can create a separate file for each SQL statement or group of statements as long as they have unique labels.

    When I have two SQL statements each in its own file the script editor hangs on reviving data from host, when I add the execute SQL command to the script in SD.

    Edit: I have found the cause, in one of my SQL statements i had this "and online <> 0".

    The angle brackets caused the phraser to fail. after I updated the statement to "and online != 0" it works properly.

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  • @Paul Haaker - My workaround for SQLCMD is still working :)

  • Either I'm going Mad .. or a Hotfix came out .. as mine definitely had stopped working

    Also @K Arnott ... I've got all my SQLread commands in a single file. haven't tested multiple files yet