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Send Email - send faster!

  • Hi,

    I use the send email command in a lot of scripts that I use to send myself information (up-to-the-second list of installed programs when trying to determine if a software installation script worked for example).

    The problem is the emails always hang out in the outbound queue for a couple of minutes before Kaseya sends them out. Does anyone know if I can get these to send immediately?


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  • I don't know where to adjust the frequency, but from my experiments earlier this year, if you manually double-click (run) the EmailDaemonExe.exe file in your Kaseya\Kserver\ directory it will force an immediate send of whatever is in the outbound mail queue.

    Maybe that will give you a good starting point!

  • Possibly. I know I can go into the outbound queue and force it to send, but I am really looking for something where things will always send immediately without needing to do anything.

  • I created a monitor set to let me know if there were ever any more than 10 messages queued ( i.e. effectively warn me if they are not being sent) . Using the same logic .. create a monitoring process that when it sees 1 in the queue run the EmailDaemonExe.exe on the VSA as suggested above

    You can find out how many are queued using the following query

    SELECT     COUNT(sendStatus) AS EmailCount

    FROM         dbo.email

    WHERE     (sendStatus = 0)

  • I guess you could create a service that would run a batch file that woulc exec EmailDaemonExe.exe every X seconds.  I think the lowest interval a scheduled task can do in windows is 5 minutes.

    Or you can make a scheduled task in task scheduler that runs on startup that exec's the same batch file that will loop and run the .exe every X seconds.

    A better solution, though you'd have to wait for Kaseya to implement it, is a user-configurable option in the email config section of the VSA that would allow us to adjust the time between EmailDaemonExe.exe executions.  Maybe put in a feature request and see where it goes..

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    Or just use Kaseya itself .. ie create a script to execute the EmailDaemonExe.exe command and schedule it on the VSA to run every 30 seconds ( ie Kaseya allows you to enter fractions of minutes .. so you can use 0.5 minutes )

    This is exactly how Kaseya run many of there own processes

    ie check out the System/Statistics/Top Script Run hidden link

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am glad to now have a better understanding of how the emails are sent out. Perhaps your suggestion would be best, Paul, or perhaps I should stop being so demanding :).

    Thanks everyone for your input.

  • Hi Paul,

    Just introduced the test on nbr of pending outbound emails, but was wondering whether to test the value within a script if > 10 or is it possible to create a monitor set ?


  • Wow,  what has become of us, where waiting a few minutes to get an answer is too slow!   I think running a script every minute on a Kaseya internal function,while Kaseya is trying to do the same thing, can't be good! :)

  • Hi RDK ... don't think you can create a monitor set unless you can devise a way to monitor for a specific entry in the Kaseya Dataasbe , but at the end of the day just running the script every 5 or 10 min's is surely enough to warn you something is wrong with the outbound queue ?

  • ah, ok see your post 29/11/2012