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Windows Disk Cleanup or CCLEANER

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I've tried several scripts both built-into Kaseya, the ITSDK, and from the forum to clean Temporary Internet Files and leftover temp files on a computer, however, despite saying SCRIPT SUCCESS the computers are not getting clean and none of the scripts have anyway to log that the work has been done. I use CCLEANER after I run the scripts to Analyze the computers and the Temporary Internet Files remain. Can anyone help me with a step-by-step or some help troubleshooting my issue?

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  • This link helped me. I tested it and it is working flawlessly even on Windows 8 x64!! ;)

    The only thing I did differently was I changed the ini file to also clean up the recycle bin.


  • ccleaner has to be run as the user, not system - ensure your script isn't running as system, and that the user is logged in at the time. if you run ccleaner whilst nobody is logged in, it won't do anything for the user-specific stuff like temporary internet files.

  • Hi,

    No problem to clean ther temp and temp internet files but not with ccleaner portable which I tried on several machines but does not seems do to the job.


  • I use CCleaner on all of our workstations. I have it write the EXE and four INIs which contain my specific settings, and then it runs the program silently. Works extremely well, and is 99% silent.

  • please share

  • OK, I checked a 2003 server and the sysnative alias is not there.