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This is how I keep track of Servers and the current Exchange version automatically

  • Procedure Get Exchange Build Number.xml

    How we determine Exchange version and input data into the Aggregate Table with all that other audit information:

    Agent Procedure 'Get Exchange Build Number' references registry keys for the current version of Exchange and updates that information into a custom Kaseya field called 'Exchange Version'.

    It currently detects Exchange 2003 SP0 - Exchange 2010 SP2. Script is attached.

    How I incorporated it into Policy Management:

    Created a policy that references Kaseya View 'Servers Storeexe' which look for Servers with the application store.exe. Since more than just Exchange servers could have this executable, we run the script to update the custom field. Then we use the view 'Servers Exchange' which looks for Servers that have Exchange* in that custom field. This gives us a clean view of only Exchange servers. The 'Exchange Servers' policy runs the agent procedure 'Get Exchange Build Number every Sunday night, updating the Exchange version field automatically so that this whole process is automated and this information is kept current.


    Because the only functional reporting in 6.2 is done by using the Aggregate Table. Now you can run reports with your system specs and have this information as well. 

  • Quality work. Thank you.

  • Excellent work Dantheman.  Had something similar but the addition of service pack info is a real bonus.

  • Dantheman, I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to accurately report on the Exchange version.  This is great!  Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for sharing Dantheman. I had a chance to use this yesterday, and it was very helpful