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Agent Procedure System Account

  • Good Afternoon,
                                I am wondering about the execute system account command. I am trying to run a Defrag script I made on machines, but when I chose user logged in of course it works, but not all the machines are always logged in. Is the only way to do this is to have a local admin account on the machine and run it as that local admin? I don't want to have the users logging in with admin rights even through kaseya is this possible with the execute cmd and execute file option? 

    Thank You,

  • You should be able to execute defrag as SYSTEM. This account has the highest privileges on the local computer and does not require logging in. Keep in mind, this account is NOT interactive, so if the process is waiting for a click or something, it will just sit there running in the background for a click that never happens.

    Alternatively, you can add a step to Use Agent Credential at the beginning of your procedure. From that point on, you can use execute steps "as user" to run as the account set on the [Agent - Set Credential] page. This works regardless of anyone being logged in.

    Hope this helps.