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Script for Determining Warranty Status

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Hi There!

We mostly run name brand equipment on our sites, and I saw with a RMM demo that one of the other companies basically tracks warranty information based on serial number, something we would find massively useful. 

Has anyone been able to get a script working in Kaseya that will populate a custom field? 

Thanks so much!

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  • We use www.updatewarranty.com/.../home. Works very well.

  • Warrantyupdate is a great tool . If will find warranty expiry and purchase dates for HP,IBM,Dell and MAC.

    One thing to be aware of though is as it scans you kaseya inventory , it will only update the expiry date for machines that do not yet have a date entered. I.e. If the Custom Field being written to already has a date in it , it will skip this machine and move on the the next.

    The issue is that when a warranty expires and the customer is sold a warranty extention , Warrantyupdate does not update the date.

    So our workaround has been to set a scheduled task ( Or SQL Job )  that deletes ALL dates for all machines on a Sunday night , so when the warrantyupdate process runs early Monday morning all the fields are blank so it puts the latest expiry date info in ...



  • Paul - I think they fixed that. I remember having that problem a while back, but it doesn't seem to behave that way any longer. Even the Express job looks up the dates again for warranties expired or expiring in up to a year.

    If all else fails, give Chris a call. I think he is the creator/developer. He was really cool when I spoke to him.

  • Att: Paul

    "  , so when the warrantyupdate process runs early Monday morning ..."

    Have you automated the warranty update in some way or do you run manual checks every monday?

    We use warrantyupdate aswell. But so far we do it manually. Tongue Tied


  • i run the warrantyupdate as a scheduled task and it seems to be working just fine indo far that we've noticed.

  • Aha .. I'll recheck the Updating of Warranty Extensions as soon as I have a working system again.

    Jon ...  as per Marks response .. I run it as a scheuled task. There are instructions on the WarrantyUpdate website on how to do this .. but basically you need to execute a batch file with the following command...

    @Echo Off

    Echo Starting UpdateWarranty...

    SET JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6

    "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaws" -Xnosplash -wait "www.updatewarranty.com/.../690563-2C3A85A5-B895-2672-D64B-670DEDB5E5DD-Platinum"




    Echo Error Encountered

    IF NOT EXIST "C:\kworking\warranty\updatewarranty.logUpdateWarranty.err" GOTO FAILED_EXIT

    type "C:\kworking\warranty\updatewarranty.logUpdateWarranty.err"

    del /q "C:\kworking\warranty\updatewarranty.logUpdateWarranty.err"



    EXIT /B 9


    Echo Exiting UpdateWarranty...


    You also need an xml file in the same folder called updatewarranty.xml

    <?xml version="1.0"?>



       <serverurl>YOUR SQL Server IP Adddress</serverurl>









    Note I had to change the reference to Java on this system as the default bat file reference C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre5   instead of 6

    Also the you need to use Your Email address and Registratoin code in the batch file as well

  • Hi Guys

    I managed to get everything working perfectly , i have my warranty showing up in my agent status and all , now i need to know if theres a way to create a agent procedure or something to verify warranty collumn and send an email when its like 3 months before expiry so we can warn client

    Thanks in advance

    Nick T

    Iko Services

  • Hi,

    just did a test with the Demo version but none of the HP were returned !!