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Error on write file

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Hi everybody,

I'm executing a procedure that write file on agent, but occurred an error on step who write file.

I look the procedure log and had this message:

"FAILED in processing THEN step 2, Write File, with error File Open Failed, Source = D:\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\Tenant\28225189423311936241922413\VSASharedFiles\Data.vbs, Destination = C:\kworking\Data.vbs"

Someone knows what is this or how resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.
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  • Try re-uploading the file to your VSA with a different name, and then try changing the destination file name. This will eliminate any "File in use" issues.

  • Hi Airy,

    Log into your kaseya server and browse to the directory "D:\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\Tenant\28225189423311936241922413\VSASharedFiles\" and make sure your file is there.

    Also when writing a file its good to use #vagentConfiguration.agentTempDir#\file_you_want_to_write.vbs as this will work for all machines. I'm not sure if yours is set this way but its a good practice.

  • Hi Airy,

    Another thought i just had was maybe a virus scanner on your kaseya server removed the file. Might be worth checking that.

  • I will try use yours suggestions and return the result.

    @Lingario: about your last post I think this is improbable, because here we use a Kaseya server

  • @ Lingario: When I used #vagentConfiguration.agentTempDir#\file_you_want_to_write.vbs doesn't found the file path

    @ ghettomaster: I used yours sugestion change all paths and the file names, the procedure execute without errors, but looking in the agent log had this message: "Error parsing filename from source location variable C:\time.txt!" did you what this mean?

  • Without looking at the procedure I cannot tell what that error message is about. Can you please post your procedure for us to take a look?

  • Procedimento Manutenção - Sincronizar Data & Hora - PARTE 1.xml

    ghettomaster: The procedure is attached

  • Without looking at the procedure the issue appear to be to do with the source file path that you are using.

    By default the files that you can access is in the "VSASharedFiles" folder the absolute path for you would be "D:\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSASharedFiles".

    The Tenant folder is located under the "ManagedFiles" folder same as the "VSASharedFiles" so the path that you want to use is;


    and not


    the "\..\" part back steps from the "VSASharedFiles" and the "Tenant\28225189423311936241922413\VSASharedFiles\" part takes you where you need to go.

    Hope that makes sense.

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  • Also you seem to have a typo in your script that you submitted;

    "C:\kworkingHora.vbs" should be "C:\kworking\Hora.vbs"

  • Nice attention to detail, HardKnoX.

  • Synchronize - Part 1.xml

    Apologise guys, I post a wrong procedure.

    Follow up the correct procedure for the error message: "Error parsing filename from source location variable C:\time.txt!"