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Agent Procedure - Many To One?

  • I am looking for any ideas on this.  I want schedule a procedure on lets say 20 machines.  This procedure collects some data and then writes it to a log file (the name is unique to the computer name).  Then the procedure transfer all of the log files to the KSERVER in a single directory.

    I would then like to trigger another procedure to automatically merge all the files together into a single file and then email that to the VSA tech who scheduled the first procedure.  The problem is that I dont want procedure #2 to run 20 times.

    Any ideas?

    Another option would be to have all the logs sent to the VSA techs computer, but I dont see anyway for Kaseya to automatically know that.

  • Why don't you use the transfer file procedure?  As long as you have an agent on your techs computer you can pick up the files from the remote machines and write them to the techs machine.  Doesn't need to be the techs machine you could dump the files anywhere.  

    Depending on how much data you are pulling back you could also use the get variable / file content and write the resulting data to a text file on the techs machine.  Bit more tricky but I'm pretty sure it appends the data so would leave you with one file.

  • I already am using a transfer procedure.  The problem is automatically executing (1) procedure to combine all of the log data together.

  • You could create one procedure and leverage the technique used on this site:


    I tested it out on my system with a few files and the command worked out great.

  • Hopefully this is a better way to ask..   does anyone know how to pass a global variable to procedure that needs to be run on a different machine?  The only way I know to have a procedure, run another procedure on a separate machine is to use the "schedule procedure" however even if the procedure is scheduled "immediately" the global variable is lost.