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Telnet scripting

  • Does any one use any scripts for Telnet? For example we have a router at a client's site that will suddenly drop, and we have to Telnt on to it and reload/reboot it to bring the whole thing back up again. Although using the Telnet command is not too cumbersome, it would be nice to be able to automate/script this to make things a bit easier and quicker.

    So far I have not had too much luck with creating the write script, and just want to make sure that it is possible before realising down the road that it isn't.


  • So you can't just script Telnet commands because you can't pass the commands to telnet from cmd.

    There is a program i use to use called TelnetUtil


    This might be able to help you with your troubles. Let me know if you need any help.

  • we use Auto it V3 www.autoitscript.com/.../index.shtml

  • AutoIT will work wonder's also and I second his recommendation. Only issue is learning to Code with AutoIT but it has some great Tutorials with it.

  • Joel/Hans,

    Thanks for the feedback, I will certainly be looking at the links you have posted. Hopefully these will help with what I need to do.

  • Putty will also allow you to provide a script that will perform the commands.  However, I'd recommend fixing the router.

  • Agreed. Fix the router!

  • I use jerrymannel.com/.../telnet-scripting-tool-aka-tst10exe

    Its very easy to use and works great