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Interesting statistic AND a scripting challenge.

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So the other day I was curious as to how many of our workstations are left on 24/7 and it turns out to be about 25%. This raises two questions:

1. A question for the community: What percentage of your workstations are left online 24/7?
2. An anticipated question from the community to me: How did you find that out?

My response to question two is simply that I chose to use a script as opposed to harvesting the up-time reports or anything tricky like that. So here's a challenge I pose to the community. Can you write a script that will work this out for you?

Obviously this is a walk in the park for us Kaseya veterans, but I think it's a great challenge for the newbies. As this is a scripting challenge, mention that you want to have a go in the comments below within the next couple of days, then post your script in this thread after the 1st of November. Then we can all vote for the most elegant solution and the winner gets a Ferrari (Matchbox of course) on me.

I made this a question as the winner will also get the much-coveted "Verified Answer" badge. Have fun!

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  • Hi Ghetto,

    I'm not sure i should involve myself as I am a bit of a kaseya veteran but I like what you have proposed. I don't want to post my solution as this may discourage others to think out of the box but think it could be taken a bit further. It would be an interesting % to see total uptime across all machines, I am unsure if this value could be solely sourced from scripting but interested to see what other people get.

    The way you wrote your script does it cater for those who were offline already and didn't run the script?

    Mine is 21% and I didn't use a script.

  • My method allows for offline agents and allows me to create views.

  • The views are because I may want to use this info with Policy Management although with only ~25% I can't at this stage think what that might be.

    SETI perhaps? jk.