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  • Hi,

    I was surfing google today looking for agent procedures and stumbled onto this site http://upstream.se/sv/blog/tech-60

    They have a "Upstream Power Pack" which by their description on the FAQ http://upstream.se/sv/blog/upstream-power-pack-faq says...

    "What is Upstream Power Pack?

    Upstream Power Pack is a collection of Kaseya best practices compiled and managed by Upstream. Think of it as your Kaseya starter kit. We create our content with the goal to be easily understood, easy to replicate, easy to use and well documented. We also focus on zero touch configuration making it easy to implement in any existing Kaseya solution without the need for changing or adjust the content."
    What is Upstream Extended Power Pack?
    Upstream Extended Power Pack is a collection of Kaseya best practices compiled and managed by Upstream needing some local adjustment from your part. We normally focus on zero touch configuration, but to make Upstream Extended Power Pack work properlyvyou need to adjust some Kaseya setting. It could be adding Custom Fileds in the inventory, create custom variables or upload files to Managed Files under Agent Procedures. Everything needed to succeed is documentend within the respective Upstream Extended Power Pack files ans folder."
    I was intrigued, but skeptical, so I called Kaseya support and the person I spoke to had not heard of this website before, but he was also curious. He said he could not endorse the use of anything this site offered, but he would do some research.
    I went ahead and downloaded the power pack anyways and scanned it for malware and it is clean. I followed the import procedures and lo and behold I had a slew of new agent procedures, views, monitor sets, event logs sets, etc...
    I only played with the agent procedures and tested a few and they worked. Some were for non english users, so I deleted those procedures. Here is the bulk of them...
    I havent looked at the views, event logs sets, or anything else yet, but it seems legit. It also includes "Upstream Power Pack Tools (UPP-Tools)" which by the description is
    "Disclaimer: The tools used in many of our Kaseya Agent Procedures are free and available on the net. We have compiled the tools in one easy package. We focus on keeping the tools current but you can access the individual sites in the links below.

    We are always focusing on delivering a seamless, point and click Kaseya Agent Procedures experience. Sometimes this meaning files needs to be downloaded and executed on a machine. The Kaseya Agent procedures we provide are configured to download the tools once if not present on the Kaseya temp folder on a machine. We use dropbox as the primary source for this. We keep all the files organized in the UPP-Tools folder in case you would like to upload them to your own Kaseya server. You can also use the links provided below if you prefer full control of the files distributed."

    Tool: upp-tools-disktemp
    Description: A tool for retrieving the current temp of the disk via SMART.
    Link: http://www.satsignal.eu/software/disk.html#DiskTemp

    Tool: upp-tools-smartctl
    Description: A tool for retrieving the current disk health via SMART.
    Link: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/smartmontools/wiki

    Tool: upp-tools-oldcmp
    Description: A command tool for auditing computer and user accounts in Active Directory.
    Link: http://joeware.net/freetools/tools/oldcmp/index.htm

    Well I hope this is useful for someone else!



  • Upstream is an international Kaseya partner.  At one point, they also had some really nice videos on YouTube.

  • They still have youtube videos, but it looks like a mixture of English and Swedish audio.


  • Thank you Aaron.

    I'm the one responsible for the Upstream Power Pack here at Upstream. It's great to read that global Kaseya users are discovering the Kaseya content from us. We get email and pings from all around the world reagarding our work.

    It's mostly aimed for the Scandinavianc market (our Kaseya customers) as we are the Kaseya distributor for the Scandinavian countries, but can be used by anyone. The idea is to inspire and give some best practices when it comes to content i Kaseya. We always strive to be educational when creating our Agent Procedures, Monitor Sets, Event Sets and so on. It has to be easy to digest and understand. Not all are hard core scripter out there.

    There is a lot that can be done with Kaseya, but sometimes it is hard to decide where and how to start. The Upstream Power Pack is meant to be that jumpstart.

    Kind regards

    Ronny Tunfjord


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  • @Ronny: Thanks for the package - i'm also using it since a few months! ;)

  • Yes thank you for all the work you put into this and for sharing it!

  • Echoing the others - thanks, we really appreciate each of your updates. :)

  • add my praise...added them a while ago and the scripts have come in handy...

  • Hi all. It was great to meet so many "Power Packers" in Orlando at Kaseya Connect this year. We are glad that the stuff we produce are used out there in the Kaseya community.

    I just wanted to update you all on our latest Kaseya Power Pack. Cool new stuff. Read more and download here: upstream.se/.../upstream-kaseya-power-pack

    It's free! Use it and bruise it :)

    Kind regards

    The upstream team

  • @TeamUpstream Thumbs up and a big thanks, you guys makes some inspiring and very useful procedures.

  • Completed the form on the website but never got an email.  Where can we grab this?  Thanks.

  • Just tested requesting a download link via the form. I got it in a couple of seconds. Have you checked your spam folder?

  • It's fun to see the growing interest in our Kaseya content. I seems to be a great demand for something like this in the Kaseya community. We use Hubspot as our request email generator and have noticed a growing number of signups per day. The problems you may have GDRBrian is most definite as DirkGent describes: spam folder. Maybe we should create a separate thread only for the Upstream Kaseya Power Pack?

    Kind regards

    Ronny Tunfjord, Upstream

  • Thanks for the replies.  Nothing in spam folder and not reaching our spam filter.  Tried two different browsers, not sure what is up.

  • GDRBrian, If you email me at "ronny at upstream dot se" I will send you a ZIP file with the content. Not sure why you have problems receiving the email on your end.

    Kind regards

    Ronny Tunfjord, Upstream