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Adobe Update Automation

  • I am looking for a way to have kaseya automaticly run and install the adobe updates. is this possible? does anyone have a script that might work for this?

  • The very best solution is this: www.ninite.com

    Kaseya's Software and Update module is built upon Ninite, so you might want to look at that also.

  • okay, i guess let me be more specific.

    We have Kaseya, and one of our clients is a bank, the normal everyday user at this bank does not have permissions to install anything. So we are wanting kaseya to do it through an admin account automaticly in the middle of the night... is this possible?  forgive me for noobish behavior... i am a noob at scripts and automation.

  • Yes, you can specify the credentials that Kaseya runs under.

  • HI Trav,

    To do this you need to do the following:

    Under Agent > Set Credential - this is where you would specify the credentials to be used against the machine.

    Then when you write a script, it will need 2 steps for starters:

    1. Use Credential

    This will tell the script to use the credentials supplied in the agent > Set Credential screen.

    2. Execute file.

    filename: adobereader.exe

    Options: set your silent install switches here.

    Run as: User (Because you have specified "Use Credentail" earlier in the script, this will use those credentials and not those of the currently logged on user).

    I have assumed that file will include a UNC path so you do not need to copy the installer to the agent. If you did want to copy to the agent this would just be another step for you to specify.

    There is a script to install Adobe Reader here for download - community.kaseya.com/.../3190.aspx - but a software install script is a great thing to start on so I would suggest perhaps taking a look at that script and then having a crack at writing it yourself for the experience.

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