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Bug with "Start Windows Service"

  • I'm trying to get a disabled service to be enabled and started.

    There is a step to do this, however it doesn't work as expected.

    The procedure is a simple one step of "Start Windows Service", with the check box to "Enable the service if it is disabled" checked.

    When the procedure runs the service gets set to Automatic, but never starts. The procedure result shows as FAILED. If I run it a second time the service starts and returns a SUCCESS.

    If I try to do 2 back to back "Start service" steps, it still fails to start the service, even with a pause between those steps.

    For now I am doing it through "Executing Shell Commands."

  • This will work in a shell command: sc config <serviceName> start= auto & sc start <serviceName>

    Still good that you reported this though. Kaseya should fix that particular step.