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Learning VBS

  • I would like to learn Visual Basic Scripting. Any suggestions on how to go about that?

    Ideally i want a book or something i can download (not stream because i dont have 3G) to my Ipad. This way i can read/watch while commuting to work. 

  • Well, à lot of visual basic info can be fond on microsofts website: msdn.microsoft.com/.../hh388573.aspx

    Also, this o'reilly book looks like à nice reference book:

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  • Also, check out the Microsoft Scripting Guys. Tons of info, references, and scripts to play with.


  • +1 for The Scripting Guys. I've always thought they had the best write-ups. Good humor too.

  • +1 for The Scripting Guys.  It's been a while since I programmed but anytime I want to do some quick VB scripting, I jump on their site as a reference.

  • Eventually we all get stuck and need to ask a question, stackoverflow is a good place for that:


    Happy hacking !

  • Try this site


  • Thanks everyone. These all look good.

  • Don't hesitate to ask if you need help with something. Them other guys on here are pretty smart...

  • Any good itunes podcasts for this?

  • You should try VbsEdit, it is a great editor and it has many samples and snippets that you can add to. Before I found VbsEdit I frequently visited http://www.activexperts.com, http://www.robvanderwoude.com and the MS Scripting Guy to raid their samples to learn ways to do stuff that you can't do in Agent Procedures.


  • fully agree with HardKnoX,  its good, fast and you can convert your vbs to an executable x86 and x64, with different UAC levels for execution.  Using this for some years now,  you need a license to get rid of the nags.....  but it is low cost...