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Avast Free removal

  • Anyone got a script to remove Avast Free manually? That is without using the avast removal tool exe file (which requires booting to safe mode which we just cant get working here).



  • That might need someone to build a custom script for you. Check this out www.appremover.com and we were able to get this scripted but that one is paid.

  • Was it expensive? I dont mind billing the client if we have to.

  • This is their licensing structure:

    Pricing for AppRemover On-Demand has recently be updated as follows:

    # of Tokens in Set Purchase Price of Token Set Marginal Price per Token

    1,000 $           1,300.00 $1.30

    2,500 $           2,625.00 $1.05

    5,000 $           4,750.00 $0.95

    10,000 $         8,500.00 $0.85

    20,000 $         15,000.00 $0.75

    When you license AppRemover On-Demand, you are purchasing the right to invoke the AppRemover CLI a defined number of times.  

    Tokens are sold in sets of 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000, the minimum purchase set being 1,000 tokens.

    Tokens may be used on the same endpoint multiple times and/or on different endpoints.

    Tokens are consumed upon invocation of the AppRemover CLI, meaning once a run of the CLI is initiated on an endpoint:

    • For the limited purpose of  scanning the endpoint to discover the AV (and other installed applications), a token is consumed.

    • To try an uninstall an unsupported application and CLI returns a failure return-code, a token is consumed.

    • And, obviously, if a supported application is uninstalled and the CLI returns a success return-code, a token will is consumed.

    Tokens are valid for one-year from the most recent  purchase date.  

    In other words, if you don’t use all tokens within one year, those remaining expire, unless you purchase more tokens.

    That new purchase will re-set the 1 year count-down for both the new token set, and any remaining tokens previously purchased.

    The marginal price per token drops when you purchase larger sets of tokens.

    To evaluate AppRemover On-Demand, please create a free account at https://portal.opswat.com.

    By default, your account will be credited with 3 tokens.


    If you are interested, we can help you with setting up Kaseya procedure for you to uninstall AV of your choice as it works with most of AV.

    PM me for more details.


  • You can however use 3 tokens as trial so if you have any machine that needs a testing, it can be done without any charge.

    Let me know if you like to give it a try.

  • I built this script out a little while back but program didnt work as great as i thought it would. It was unable to remove some anti-virus programs and it did not support password protected AVs.