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Finding a Source Path for client

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I'm trying to write a generic procedure/script for my clients that will download program (for example messenger) in source folder and then install it to client machine from that location.

Now problem I'm facing is that there can be different source folder for different clients. for example:

\\server\apps\messenger for client 1

\\xenserver\apps\messenger for client 2

\\alpha\apps\messenger for client 3.

apps folder name is always same but server name can be different. Now I want to write such a script that it should be independent of source folder and i dont want to hardcode that path in my script. like I just take script,  copy it in for another client and it should work regardless or changed source folder path. My script should download app to proper source folder of that client and then install it form there. whatever source folder path is.

But I'm unable to understand/find that how can i find these changing source folder path to download application on that path.  is it possible to do or not? any variable that i can set? or any way?

Thanks in advance.



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  • When you say Client do you mean Customers/Sites or endpoints/computers. If they are endpoints what makes them different (OS type, OS version, Application version etc...) ?

    If it is different Customers or sites you could use the Managed Variables if you have grouped the endpoints correctly.

  • Yes clients mean different customers who have number of endpoints/computers running ....

    I'm not getting idea that How would I use Managed variables to get different source folder path of different Customers.... or how can i use to find that path to download applications.

  • Perhaps the easiest way would be to set up a Custom Field called "ServerName" or some such. Populate it for the clients then use that field to determine the path for the download.

  • @Zippo: can you please clarify. not getting that how to determine the path... as i can't hard code path for clients...

  • Someone else can probably step by step it better for you than I can but here's the overview.

    Go to "Audit" and "System Information". In the right hand screen you'll see the option to create a new "Custom Field". Create your New Custom Field and call it whatever you'd like - perhaps "ServerName"? The new custom field will be used to hold the name of the server that you'll put in your path. Once you've created your new field you'll have to decide how best to fill it. You can enter the data manually or use a Kaseya Procedure to fill it. For example, you could use a Kaseya Procedure to get the full agent name and then, depending upon which group the agent is in you could put "Server1" into the field. Or "Server2". Whatever.

    Then in the Kaseya Procedure that you're using to copy the file to the agent use the info from the custom field. Use a "Get Variable" - "vSystemInfoManual|fieldName" to create a variable, depending upon the agent, and name the variable something like "cusServerName". Then use your variable in the path you want to copy the file from:


    I hope that helps. Start with creating your custom fields. If you do each step we can help with the next until you're up and running.

  • You could use Custom Fields but if the UNC path is the same for all the machines in the same machine group Managed Variables is the best way to go.

    For my deployment scripts I created a managed variable called FileShare. You then update this Managed Variable for all the machine groups setting the root part (the part that id different for each site) of the UNC path Eg:




    In your deployment script you would use some thing like this <FileShare>\messenger\setup.exe

  • Excellent suggestion, HardKnoX, and much simpler to deploy. Thanks.

  • It looks like what you're doing here is probably part of what I'm looking to do here: