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Local Administrators Group Audit and Alarm

  • Hola fellow K bangers,


    I have a new audit script to share with you. This script goes out and collects all the users and groups in the local administrators group and stores that information in the GetFile area. The script is set to alarm on changes to file content so if a user is added or deleted from this group it will alarm the Kserver. You can then have the K server email you or create a ticket based on the alert.

    This works great to run daily on systems that should not be changing the users in this group. We use this script to monitor this group for changes which should not be taking place.

    You can get the script at 




    Cubert Geeked

  • This procedure seems to be broken after our K server 6.3 upgrade: FAILED to create THEN step 2, Unknown Command Id 409. Error = Invalid Message Identifier (Line 2)