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Best Practices for Windows 7 SP1 Silent Install?

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windows6.1-KB976932-X86 /quiet /nodialog /norestart

After running the above silent install of Windows 7 SP1 on two computers, I noticed the next day they needed to be rebooted for the rest of it to go through. When I rebooted both computers (both from different companies by the way) they were both stuck on the Windows Loading screen. One saying "Installing update 6 out of 51", the other was "Installing update 7 out of 51". After a few hours of being stuck, I had them hard-rebooted. Thankfully after that, the Windows Loading screen said "Configuring Service Pack.." and finished succesfully.

I was wondering what might've caused this issue. Did the computers have pending updates to be installed and rebooted prior to the Service Pack 1 silent install? I also stumbled upon something called the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7. I wonder what way I could use this for the SP1 silent install to make sure everything goes cleanly.

How do you guys manage to roll out SP1 for Windows 7? Do you use Patch Management or other methods?


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  • We've been using a disk and installing at the machine.  Most machines will not take the W-7 Service Pack through the Patch Management Module.

  • I've been able to run this successfully on some Win 7 machines using an explicit procedure to download the Win7 SP1 updater direct from Microsoft & install it (using agent credentials). I could post the procedure here, but it's relatively simple (the most complicated part is checking for 32 or 64 bit & retrieving the correct installer from MS). It worked in several cases, but failed in a couple and I was forced to do it at the machines.

    As for the Windows Update Readiness Tool, I also have an explicit procedure that downloads the correct installer of it from MS, runs it, & emails you the resulting log. In one case running the WURT was all it took to get the SP1 installer to run correctly. If you want that, let me know.

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  • You could try and schedule a reboot before you install the service pack which should take care of any patches that was pending a reboot.

    Something else to look into is power management, if the machines went into suspend mode while the service pack was installing it could have caused the issue you found. Set the Power Management for the target machine to always on and disable hibernate, it goes without saying that laptops should be connected to a wall socket to prevent them from running out of battery power.