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Youtube Me - practical joke script if you have light hearted coworkers..

  • Hey Fellow Kaseians,

    I have created a fun little script that is for those who have a light hearted staff to play jokes on. I do not condone ill responsible use of this script, so do not come crying to me if the boss fires you for playing porn on his pc during a board meeting... 


    This script runs on Mac OSX and Windows and basically downloads a portable copy of VLC to the windows box and executes it passing it a YouTube URL. If on Mac it downloads a dmg of VLC and installs it then executes the same URL.

    The URL is a cartoon of a stick figure beating his head against the PC until he dies in his seat. During this spectical you have a crappy song playing in the background. It is funny... The first time.. You can switch up videos so have fun and post any good videos you may have used..


    Get Script here --> http://www.squidworks.net/2012/04/kaseya-agent-procedure-mac-osx-and-windows-send-a-friend-a-youtube-video-surprise/


    Cubert  8-)

  • Have you tried just using "Send URL" and sending the Youtube url?

    It should work for both Windows and OS X, opening the default browser and loading the Yotube video.

  • Yea , I didn't want the entire web page (ads and all) Just a simple video stream...   What's 20 or 30 megs between friends?

  • Good point. I have the VLC player myself on my Mac :)

  • I recommend adding the "-f" switch on vlc.exe so it runs full screen.

    Thanks for sharing..

  • Like.  Now seeking suitable victim, I mean test candidate.

  • lol, we are all so demented!!   8-)