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Agent procedure popups?

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If I use the 'get variable' and 'prompt user' I can get an agent procedure to prompt the Executing user for a variable with a popup box. I'd like the same popup box but instead if asking for info just a dialog box with perhaps the results of the procedure. Is this possible? I'm not after message or email, popup for the user running procedure please? 

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  • Have not figured out a way to do this... would also love to have this feature, and can think of many use cases, particularly for the Service Desk to be able to run a quick Agent Procedure that would gather information not normally available through the Agent > Agent Status available columns (or through Audit > Machine Summary).  Example: Run a command against a machine and show the results of that command in a popup window in the VSA session of the admin that initiated the Agent Procedure.  Best way I've found as of late is to prompt for the username of the user initiating the procedure (like bdagan, for me) and send an e-mail to #usernamePrompt#@cwps.com with the results of the procedure, but that's not what you'd asked for Stick out tongue

    I did submit an earlier ticket about /conditionally/ prompting for input, though it would appear that the "Prompt user for input" option for "Get variable" will execute regardless of whichever If/Else statement it's in, and using variables in the prompt question is out of the picture.  Hey, at least we can prompt for input!  Smile