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New Script -> Get Active Directory All Active Users

  • Hola fellow Kaseyains,


    I am sharing another simple script I have created that monitors and stores all "Active" users in your AD environments. This new procedure runs a dsquery against the AD services and pulls a list of all active users and their email addresses in to the "GetFile" area inside of Kaseya and LC. You can then assign a Alarm monitor that will monitor file for changes and alert you if changes take place (adding / subtracting / disabling / enabling).

    I have place up the instructions and a zip file of the XML to import up on Squidworks.net at http://www.squidworks.net/2012/03/kaseya-agent-procedure-check-active-directory-for-active-user-changes/



    Cubert Geeked



  • hello cubert, what determines if the user is active?

  • If you read the script, it simply lists all user accounts in AD that aren't disabled. So, active = enabled, thats all. If you expected active to mean "logged into within x days", that's not what this does.

  • This is great and I use it, but I would love to be able to filter out select users but that might be a pain in the *** to implement on all the sites with the 100 different accounts I want to filter.

    Also I wish this was a excel sheet but since it is run on 2003 servers i have not seen that option.

  • hi do you have a scipt in creating an AD user that includes the user profile? (firstname, lastname, middlename, log on id, organization etc)